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Lipidosis hepatica felina sindrome frecuente en gatos. Morbidly obese cats are at increased risk and more than 85% of cats with hl suffer from an underlying disorder that contributes to the initial anorectic event. Complications may include cirrhosis, liver cancer, and esophageal varices there are two types of fatty liver disease. Revista hospitales veterinarios, volumen 2, numero 3 issuu. Fatty liver disease fld, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a condition where excess fat builds up in the liver. Lipidosis heptica idioptica felina salom koloffon tella francisco j. The disease officially has no known cause, though obesity is known to increase the risk.

It is the most common hepatic disease of cats in north america but it is becoming more common in europe. It is considered the consequence of prolonged anorexia and subsequent dramatic lipolysis 1 23. Feline hepatic lipidosis fhl is a common cholestatic disease affecting cats. Key terms amniocentesis a procedure performed at 1618 weeks of pregnancy in which a needle is inserted through a womans abdomen into her uterus to draw out a small sample of the amniotic fluid from around the baby for analysis. The results of these tests can indicate if the developing fetus has a lipidosis disorder. Feline hepatic lipidosis an overview sciencedirect topics. The pathogenesis of this condition in cats has only been partially elucidated, and it is closely related to protein and lipid metabolism. Proceeding of the navc north american veterinary conference. Lipidosis hepatica en gatos sintomas, diagnostico y. Lipidosis hepatica higado graso y hepatitis cronica activa. Feline hepatic lipidosis hl is a metabolic syndrome found in obese, middleaged cats that undergo a period of acute anorexia and catabolism. Occasionally there may be tiredness or pain in the upper right side of the abdomen.

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