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A horse that is not groomed will get sores in the weightbearing areas especially the saddle and girth areas. Great gaitedhorse tips expert advice on horse care and. The article below discusses the proper way to groom and saddle your horse. So when looking to size a saddle for your gaited horse take all these features into consideration. Individual pages on each horse, with pedigrees, photos, video clips and information. Tennessee saddlery western saddles for gaited horses. The gaited horse covered several controversial issues in the horse world, such as soring, the illegal practice of intentionally harming horses in order to effect their gaits. A gaited horse that can and will trot when hes in the pasture. The biggest controversy at the time seemed to be battling the notion many non gaited horse people had that horses had to be forced to gait via methods such as soring. Get the best deals on 18 in saddle western horse saddles when you shop the largest online selection at. More importantly the book teaches you a training program that is easy to follow for a smooth easy gaited horse. It can be very uncomfortable for any horse to wear an improperly fitting saddle. How to select the right saddle to fit you and your horse by william. The tree provides a little more room for the shoulders and we keep the length of the saddle.

Buying, training, and riding naturally gaited horses humane techniques for. As for western saddles, i have been looking for an extra one since my friends ride western and i know from my research and conversations with the saddle fitters that he doesnt need a gaited tree saddle. This is the start of the first ride after going through all the groundwork, and is posted here in response to the question. I researched the various gaited breeds for the book heavenly gaits during. This book takes into consideration training the gaited horse for the trail or the rail for a show horse. My question is that many gaited horse people insist that only a gaited saddle should be used, while others say that it doesnt matter whether its a gaited saddle or not, as long as the saddle fits the horse. Especially gaited horses, consider the gaited saddle designs, they may just be the perfect fit youve been looking for. Stop in and check out our great line up of saddle seat equipment at. Before the saddling process begins, the horse should be groomed, especially in the saddle and cinch girth areas. The dvd showcases several horses learning to find a calm mind before, during and after your trail rides. These saddles are the finest available for the tennessee walking horse, spotted saddle horse, missouri fox trotters, paso finos, peruvian pasos, rocky mountain horses, and other gaited breeds.

Gaited horse registries, twh, spotted saddle horses, tiger. The most effective method of sacking out a horse would more properly be called systematic desensitization. A small rounded skirt or endurance type western saddle with full qh bars will work just fine for my gaited horse. Adventures in owning a tennessee walking horse 37 gaited. The process of saddling a horse essay 596 words bartleby. The three natural gaits of any horse except for the gaited horse are the walk, trot, and canter. In hand training for the gaited horse under saddle work. Our saddles were originally designed and handcrafted in the heart of tennessee walking horse country, 30 minutes from nashville. It is one of the many ways to have fun with and enjoy your horse. The top gaited horse saddles are made by none other than circle y, crates, tucker, big horn, tex tan and dakota.

Hoopshaped trees, shaped like an upsidedown u instead of the traditional vshape, fit these burly types well. Mar 29, 2017 there is more to the saddling process than throwing on a saddle and cinching the girth. This saddle is a great pleasure western saddle, and is loved by many trail riders. Brenda imus operated a gaited horse farm in southwestern new york state. However now the the appaloosa horse club will, in fact, no longer accept for registration, any foal with appaloosa coloring and a parent from a gaited breed. This video will address your riding as well, since your balance has a great effect on your horse physically and emotionally. A gaited horse that can gait easily and smoothly at the speed of a trotting horse. Mar 10, 2017 just about any horse who has huggable but hardtofit conformation. Enjoy a comfortable longdistance ride on a welltrained gaited horse and youll be surprised at how easygoing these handsome animals can be. About brenda imus phoenix rising saddles gaited horse tack. Find used horse tack and other equestrian supplies or list your old english saddles with equine now s free tack and saddle ads.

Our saddle is designed to fit tennessee walking horses, spotted saddle horses, and other southern gaited breeds. Return to index please just print this page so you do not mess up your eyes reading or if you hold down the ctrl key on your key board and then turn the small wheel in the middle of your mouse the print size will change either larger or smaller depending on which. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands affordable prices. Gaited horse saddles feature a higher gullet, usually 8 12, to accommodate higher withers. Durable fabtron saddles are a unique product at an unbeatable price. The flat saddle works pretty well on those saddlebreds that fly around the arena. Information on conformation, gaits, colors, pedigrees and breed history. Easygaited horses and millions of other books are available for amazon. All of the above are symptoms of the arabian rider trying to keep their saddle in place on their horses back. However, i am going to list a few bits that i like and i am going to talk about why the bit doesnt really matter too much in the end, except for the horse s comfort. Gaited horses are not a separate species from mars a horse is a horse, and most of the special gaited saddle fitting needs people talk about are by no means limited to gaited horses. Gaits of the rocky mountain horse horse illustrated.

Spotted saddle horse were developed by crossing spanish american type spotted ponies, with other established gaited breeds, mainly tennessee walking horses, to produced a natural smooth gaited, colorful horse that came to be known as the spotted saddle horse. Gentle, humane methods for training and riding gaited pleasure horses by lee ziegler, joanna rissanen at barnes. Gaited horse best saddle the tw saddlery trail light and featherweight trail are designed to precisely fit gaited horses. Learn to ride and use exercises under saddle to develop better balance, relaxation, and collection. The result was a colorful, smooth gaited horse, used. Please feel free to look at the following link for the typical, unemphasized natural trained gait of the rocky mountain horse. Brenda also gives excellent advise on the use of tack with gaited horses and her reasons behind her choices. The natural gaits of a tennessee walking horse are the walk, the running walk, and the canter. Fox trotter, the rocky mountain horses saddle gait, the icelandic horses tolt, the. He is a gorgeous 11 year old palomino pleasure saddle horse, with a star as his only marking. Gaited horses are put together differently when compared to the trotting breeds. Registered, top quality tennessee walking horses, spotted saddle horses, and racking horses.

Saddle seat horsemanship book by smith lily 740300. Adventures in owning a tennessee walking horse is a buyers guide to finding, buying, importing and living with a tennessee walker. Special thanks to noted gaited horse trainer ivy schexnayder for contributing the following for this article. Why allowing free shoulder movement is important for a gaited horse. For more than 30 years, lee ziegler has been one of the foremost advocates of gaited horses in north america and europe. They also have gaited bars, which usually have a 6 34 to 7 gullet. The gaited horse bible brenda imus horse and rider books. Phoenix rising saddles gaited horse saddles bits and tack. Gary will show you his method to teach the young gaited horse to be your successful trail companion. Gaited horses for sale in north carolina gaited horses in nc. What to do when riding a horse that gets out of control youtube.

I have recommended this book to other gaited riders. Adventures in owning a tennessee walking horse nines my. Horse crazy since childhood, she owns a small farm in north central florida. Training the gaited horse for the trail or the rail. When considering a saddle for your spotted saddle horse, look at the gaited saddle which will allow your horse more freedom in his ambling gaits.

Brenda imus is a horse breeder and trainer, a gaited horse clinician, an inventor, and a writer. In order to fit a gaited horse a saddle must be able to adjust to all 3 dimensions of the horses back. The ridge between the horse s shoulder blades is the withers. The trail saddles are lightweight weighing 1819 lbs. Questions on saddling horses, saddles and tack by hill view farms.

It is common sense to take a few, simple precautions to avoid injury. Find used gaited horse western saddles, horse tack and other supplies or list your old saddles for free with equine now s tack and saddle ads. Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. With a summary of bridles, bits, saddle fit and back dynamics, as well as. Even a horse swishing its tail can swing its tail into your face or eyes. I bought this book to help with understanding and the proper feeling of riding a gaited horse. All tw saddlery saddles have the patented fitting system that is the only one in the world that can independently adjust to all 3 angles of a horse. Or maybe youve considered going gaited yourself but wondered how the transition would be, or which gaited horse is right for you. A tip of the hat to all the tennessee walking horses, rocky mountain horses, and other gaited horses not featured in. But some broadbacked horses arent built like your typical thelwell pony.

Its built to put the rider back a little farther than other saddles, and for that straight legged style common for gaited horse riders. Our discussion forum and news community that is conducted through email for people interested in gaited horses. Custom gaited horse saddles vs standard horse saddles. Winners circle horse supplies, saddlebred and gaited horse. Equinenow listing of gaited horses for sale in north carolina. Hill view farms a llc proven products for horse and rider questions by. Riding, fitting and training the gaited horse brenda imus isbn. These are easy to maintain and especially easy to lift on your horse. Tn saddlery 18 gaited western saddle lewisburg black.

She has published several equestrianrelated books and dvds on the topic of horses, and for the past 15 years has enjoyed working with gaited horses and their riders. Standardbreds exhibit a pace that is a variation of the trot. Gaited horse breeds are known for a comfortable ride. Gaited horse saddles quality saddles built for the. Youll find comfort for your horse in the fiberglass covered wood quarter horse bars and wool felt lining. The best gaited horse breeds for a smooth ride the spruce pets. Sep 12, 20 this clip is from the retraining of an explosive 17. Gary will demonstrate his training tips on how to cure the pace, hollow back horse, bitting, saddle fit, and riding for easy gaiting.

Although this is a fine looking horse, i personally feel that it is not the indicative example of the breed. These saddles are built on a specially designed gaited tree. With all its unique features we feel it is the best gaited saddle on the market. I understand the need for a gaited horse to have room to move, and how a poorlyfitting saddle can affect the gait. Saddles for the hard to fit horse the horse owners resource.

So if you are an owner of a gaited horse and looking for a saddle to enhance in their ambling gaits consider a gaited saddle. Gaited horses for sale in north carolina horseclicks. Gaited horse saddles we have fitted thousands of gaited horses with saddles made especially for them. The spotted saddle horse is popular in the show ring and the trails. Saddling definition of saddling by the free dictionary. If your gaited horse is smooth but much slower than your friends trotting horses, you may have to change gaits to stay with the group. Horses in the middle ages differed in size, build and breed from the modern horse, and were, on average, smaller. The author of eight books, her most recent is cow horse confidence, written with martin black western horseman publishing.

Some gaited horses tend to have high withers so you might need to purchase a saddle with a high swell on the front. Discover gaited spotted saddle horses for sale on americas biggest equine marketplace. I know a lot of you have been saddling this way for years, and grandma did too and weve all gotten along fine, and blah blah blah. Get the best deals on gaited horse western horse saddles and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at. Draft horse saddles feature an 8 gullet, and are made specifically for. Each horse s back and conformation is as individual as yours is. It is a great way for those of us who like gaited horses, or who are in the business of breeding or training them, to network, make friends and share information. While saddling a horse, a person can easily be injured. Your horse will thank you for a proper fitting saddle. While training plays a large part when this occurs, so does saddling. Perhaps youve met a few gaited horses out on trail and watched them blaze by as their riders sat easily in the saddle.

Gaited horses are no different than other non gaited breeds in that they are still individuals and need to be treated as such. There is no difference in saddling a gaited horse from a non gaited horse. Cordura saddles are traditionally built on lightweight trees and have the fenders, jockeys and often saddle skirts replaced with cordura or a nylonleather blend. They are very easy to put on the horse and take off, as well as lighten the weight your horse carries. The author gives precise and easily understood instructions of riding a gaited horse. The complete guide to gaited riding horses by brenda imus hardcover 249 pages october 1, 1997 crossover publications. Cordura saddles cordura saddles are traditionally built on lightweight trees and have the fenders, jockeys and often saddle skirts replaced with cordura or a nylonleather blend. Grooming grooming involves removing dirt and mud from the horses body.

Each saddle pad we make is specifically made for the horse and the weight of the rider. Sep 27, 2017 a gaited horse that can gait easily and smoothly at the speed of a trotting horse. Since i am proud owner of twh mare with many problems, i started to collect books and dvds about gaited horses. Big horn tennessee walking horse saddle a traditional trail saddle built with the quality and craftsmanship that youd expect from an american made big horn product. Cut back saddle pads to weymouth bridles and bits and patent leather humane girths. Gaited horses are horse breeds that have selective breeding for natural gaited tendencies, that is, the ability to perform one of the smoothtoride, intermediate speed, fourbeat horse gaits, collectively referred to as ambling gaits. If the horse is fighting flies you could be stepped on or smacked by the horse s head. The riders head remains smooth like a straight line, like smooth as glass. The spotted saddle horse is a horse breed from the united states that was developed by crossing spanishamerican type gaited pinto ponies with gaited horse breeds, such as the tennessee walking horse. To start you should have your horse groomed and in the cross ties.

Gaited horses, the site for the smooth ride enthusiast. My nsh need room for their big shoulders too, plus bars short enough to comfortably fit a short back, and their high necks cause more issues with the front of. Sometimes that broad back crops up in other types, like baroque horses or gaited breeds. Its overall design and moderately deep seat design make it an excellent allaround western saddle for trail, pleasure and most sports except roping. Unsurpassed in comfort for both horse and rider, this saddle may look like other saddles on the outside but thats where similarities end. Now, in easy gaited horses, ziegler offers a comprehensive. The tree provides a little more room for the shoulders and we keep the length of the saddle to a minimum for the rear. Our expert gaited horse saddle fitting experts work closely with our customers to ensure a great fit for you and your horse or your money back. If you have a mft, paso fino, or rocky mountain, gaited horse that is difficult to fit, contact us for my recommendations. Get the best deals on mule western horse saddles and upgrade your home workout gear with the largest online selection at. It works well on most tennessee walkers, spotted saddle horses, racking horses, and most of the other southern gaited breeds.

Horse tack co features saddle seat tack for arab, morgan and saddlebred horses. As for me, i rarely saddle an older horse that is tied up, and i never saddle a young horse thats tied up. To be balanced and have a correct 4beatgait, gaited horses need to be able to lift the base of their neck and to lift their shoulders. After the founding of the appaloosa horse club in 1938, the gaited spotted horses were lumped with all other spotted horses and called appaloosas.

Even if you dont ever intend to trot him deliberately, a. Lee ziegler writes on easy gaited horses for such publications as the fox trotter journal, horse and horseman, walking way, gaitway magazine, the canadian walking horse news, and the gaited horse. The secret behind the gaited horses smooth ride is the four beat amble or two beat lateral pattern pace. To get you started in the world of riding and training gaited horses, weve compiled a list of books, websites and saddle suppliers. Haflinger saddles are made for that breed, or other shortbacked, muttonwithered horses, with a 7 12 gullet. Correct saddling and grooming prior to riding is key to having an enjoyable ride. Gaited horses for sale in north carolina equine now. Lightweight trail saddles for sale outfitters supply. Saddle seat tack for gaited horses at horse tack company. One of the big issues gaited horse riders face is nongaiting or incorrect gait. Okay, i admit it, there is no one bit for that works best for every gaited horse. First of all, dont be fooled by thinking that all you have to do is get a saddle built on gaited bars or a gaited tree.

It seizes a person whole and once it has done so, heshe will have to accept that his life will be radically changed. Oct 12, 2017 cynthia mcfarland is a fulltime freelance writer who writes regularly for national horse publications. Think comealong girth tightners, think crupper, think breast collar, think no slip pads, think pulling your hair out in frustration. Saddling the horse expert advice on horse care and horse riding. Specializing in saddlebred, morgan, arabian,tennessee walking horse and other gaited horse equipment prices subject to change without notice. Looking for a horse who wont turn your back into a. Collection taught correctly makes a safer, more reliable horse because of improved balance. With an emphasis on quality, price, a broad selection of products and excellent service, it is easy to see why fabtron saddlery is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Discover gaited horses for sale in north carolina on americas biggest equine marketplace. For the gaited horses, i build a saddle pad that is thinner in the first 23 of the front of the pad insert to allow movement. Before you start you need to gather a saddle pad, western saddle, and a western cinch. Saddling a horse can be challenging and yet extremely fun.

But unique challenges can arise when horse owners more familiar with the standard walk, trot, and canter try to train these complex and multigeared horses to gait correctly. The book is a detailed look at the gaits of the tennessee walking horse, missouri fox trotter, and the rocky mountain horse. Free shoulder movement is especially important for gaited horses. Gaited horse equipment, equestrian gifts, gaited horse saddles, saddle pads, western bridles, halters. We have been making gaited saddles officially since 2006, and unofficially for years prior.

Our gaited horse saddles have unique comfort features that are available only in our saddles to allow complete freedom of movement for your gaited horse. The complete guide to gaited riding horses by brenda. Tennessee walking horse, missouri fox trotter, rocky mountain horse. First off, let me say that you can train any gaited horse to gait in a. Within the gaited breeds, each has a special name for their special footfall. At books on horses you will find over discounted equestrian book and dvd titles by popular publishers such as cadmos, pferdia tv, kenilworth press, j. Approach saddling with the same care as you do shoeing your feet, and you both will be happy. Gaited horse equipment, equestrian gifts, gaited horse saddles, saddle pads, western bridles, halters, horse bits, equine health, farrier supplies, horse blankets. Fabtron is famous for their full line of handcrafted western tack. The mountain pleasure horse is a breed of gaited horse that was developed in the appalachian mountains of eastern kentucky. Custom imus 4beat gaited saddle phoenix rising saddles. They were also more central to society than their modern counterparts, being essential for war, agriculture, and transport. Winners circle horse supplies, saddlebred and gaited. It only takes a mild amount of collection to bring out a better gait in a gaited horse.

The flex2 trail saddle has been a terrific saddle for women, younger riders, riders with back or shoulder problems and anyone else who has a difficult time saddling a horse with a heavy saddle. Through her writing and in her clinics, she has introduced countless riders to the pleasures of riding a horse that is calm, obedient, relaxed, alert, surefooted, easily maneuvered, and consistent in his gait. If it is fly season, consider applying fly spray to the horse. Spotted saddle horse breed information gaited horses. Tips on training the plantation and liteshod tennessee walking horse smoothing out the trotty tennessee walking horse. Society of master saddlers qualified saddle fitter. This breed reflects the primitive appalachian gaited horse type and genetic testing shows them to share ancestry with later breeds developed in the region, including the american saddlebred, the tennessee walking horse and the rocky mountain horse.

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